By hiring from us your agree to these terms and conditions

1) You will pay the hire charge in return for the hiring of the Equipment from us. Payment will be made before the hire commences

2) You will take proper care of the equipment and shall protect it from damage or harm. You will notify us immediately if any equipment is lost or damaged. You are solely responsible for the loss or damage of any items of equipment and any loss or damage due to misuse shall not in any circumstances shorten the Hire Term.

3) If any equipment is lost or damaged you will pay us the replacement fee or fee to have it repaired.


4) You agree to return the equipment properly cleaned. If the equipment is returned without being cleaned a fee may incur to cover the cleaning costs.


5) You will ensure that all children using the equipment are properly supervised at all times by their parents or caregivers to ensure that all children are not injured while using the equipment. You will comply with any supplementary terms or instructions supplied with the equipment. You agree that we accept no fault whatsoever for any accident that occurs on, around or in any equipment and are not liable for any loss or damage suffered by you or any liability incurred by you as a result of the use of the equipment or the breakdown of the equipment, however caused. If any liability does attach to us under this agreement or in any other way, our liability shall be limited to the refund of the Hire Charges.


6) The Hirer is responsible for checking their equipment upon acceptance at the time of pickup.

The Owner cannot accept responsibility for shortages or claims after the hirer takes possession.

7) The hire commences on the date shown at checkout or agreed by email. You agree to pay for the whole term, regardless if the equipment is returned early

8) If the equipment is returned late, you will be charged a daily fee of half the weekend rate of hire for each piece of equipment.

9) You may not sublet the equipment

10) We do not garauntee that the equipment is new stock or equal to new but that the equipment shall be in good condition and fit for normal use.

10) If the Hirer is in breach of any of the terms of this agreement the Owner may terminate the hire and/or repossess any of the equipment without prior notice to the Hirer.


Terms & Conditions